Here is a little bit about me…

I am President and founder of Multi Cultural Ministry (No it’s not a typo just a creative way I chose to name my organization).  I serve as an adult ministry pastor at Sunrise Church in Rialto, California, a multi-ethnic multi-cultural congregation of 4,000 consisting of: 30% White, 30% African-American, 30% Hispanic, and 4% Asian.

As the former Director of Bible Church Mission, a church planting agency, I developed a strategy for ministering to the growing Hispanic community through an established non-Hispanic church. As a conference speaker and consultant to churches, my focus is on equipping a church to reach their immigrant community.

I had the privilege of contributing chapters in Reuniting the Family of God, A Charles Ware and Eugene Seals, editors, Baptist Bible College of Indianapolis, and Just Don’t Marry One: Interracial Dating, Marriage and Parenting, Judson Press Valley Forge, PA, George and Sherelyn Yancey, editors.

My Ministry Experience

· 23 years pastoral ministry.

· 18 years promoting multi-cultural local church ministry.

· 5 years as director of a church planting mission board.

My Passion

· To see the ethnic diversity of the Body of Christ reflected in the local church.

· To equip denominational leaders, pastors, and local church leadership to transition their established mono-ethnic churches into multi-ethnic, multi-cultural congregations.

My Pet Peeve

OK, we all have them so here is mine…terminology.  I feel that these terms should not be used interchangeably.  As this movement grows we need to clearly define the terms we use. Here is my input.

· Multi-ethnic:  A church that is made up of multiple ethnic groups that worship in the language of the dominant group.

· Multi-cultural: A church that is made up of multiple ethnic groups, but offers worship services in the language and cultural context of one or more immigrant communities as well as in the language of the dominate group.

· Multi-racial: A church that is made up of multiple races, in North America it is used to refer to a congregation that is predominately White and African-American.

· Multiculturalism: This term should not be used in the context of the evangelical church.  It embodies more than just diversity of ethnicity and culture, it also refers to sexual preference issues.


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